“It’s a very rare thing to meet an artist working outside in public. You made me question myself, my view of reality and the lack of art in my life.”

Thank you for visiting. As a writer and hospice lifestory scribe, I work in public spaces to encourage creative responses to our lives and times.

As 2016/17 writer-in-residence for Pells Pool  in Sussex – the UK’s oldest freshwater lido – I am writing a mile of longhand on pool-length scrolls of paper. Called A Wild Patience: Laps of Longhandit is a participatory piece to which you can gift your words in person or by email.

The Jan Michalski Foundation for Writing and Literature have granted me an inaugural-year residency for September 2017, so the scrolls will now be completed beside Lake Geneva – giving an international perspective on what began as an intensely-local endeavour.

My essay The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Writer describes the rich connections and unforeseen consequences that have resulted from the work.

For latest news on this, and my other writing and speaking events, you are welcome to follow me on Twitter @LidoWriters.

Please send project or press enquiries to: tanya@tanyashadrick.com

“There you were, dressed in a way that enabled me to imagine you as a woman from a more ancient time, some older being who knew what it was to focus on something important…You looked so steadfast and I felt held by your presence.”