I’m Tanya Shadrick, author of The Cure for Sleep: my story of waking up, breaking free and making a more creative life – even as I remained a wife and mother in a small town.

Here’s where you can start to turn your own creative dreams into reality by finding like-minds, discovering life-changing stories, and exploring new ways to make beauty & meaning from the everyday.

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“A sublimely written account of refusing to be defined by social constructs and embracing life-enhancing change, The Cure for Sleep is a poignant and inspiring slice of literary memoir.”

A Waterstones Non-Fiction book for 2022
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What happens when you realise that you must change your life?
When – after years of hiding in routine, shrinking from opportunity, and sleepwalking through your days – you know you want more.
How do you remake your life without breaking it?
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“Shadrick wrote The Cure for Sleep to chart her reinvention from shy, small-town outsider to someone stamping their presence on artistic and literary life…and she wants to help others follow in her footsteps.”

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Tanya Shadrick at Jan Michalski Foundation (credit Tonatiuh Ambrosetti)

Tanya Shadrick: “Apprenticeships were always seven years: why not place yourself in service to your dream or ambition for that long, using every spare minute on it. Ask yourself: What would you begin now and persist with if you were guaranteed 10 or 20 years in which to master it?”

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Tanya Shadrick: ‘Begin by making a list of what you love. It is transformative’

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Listen to Tanya in conversation with fellow authors and artists – including Sharon Blackie, Katherine May, Melissa Febos, David Nash & more
Tanya Shadrick for Katherine May's Wintering Sessions

Tanya Shadrick in residence at Bucks Mills National Trust - By Hand
Interviews, essays & articles

Read Tanya’s words for Waterstones, BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, Little Toller, The Simple Things, Ernest Journal & others

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Ideas for you to try from Tanya’s Wild Patience Diaries
Tanya Shadrick in residence at Bucks Mills National Trust

“Shadrick is a thoughtful, poetically articulate interviewee. Her vantage point is one that she tells expressively in her debut book, The Cure for Sleep. It’s ambitious in its scope, a memoir telling her journey from rural working-class Devon to where she is today.

The Telegraph
Shadrick-MichalskiLibrary1Tanya Shadrick in residence at Jan Michalski Foundation, Switzerland
Wild Patience Scrolls

a mile of writing composed pen on paper on 5 x 150ft scrolls, inviting onlookers to describe when they felt most wild and free

supported by Pells Pool, Lewes, and the Jan Michalski Foundation, Switzerland

as featured by Radio 4, Oh Comely and the Outdoor Swimming Society

Concentrates of Place

a rest-of-life project begun by artist Tanya Shadrick after sudden near-death

as featured by National Geographic Education, Ernest Journal and The Simple Things
Jan Michalski Foundation, Switzerland (2017) - a Concentrate of Place by Tanya Shadrick

One Minutes
recordings of place and people begun a decade after sudden near-death
archived in soundcloud

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The Selkie Press

small publisher with a big commitment to stories of community & connection
founded by Tanya Shadrick
home to Wild Woman SwimmingBirds of Firle & Selkie Press Stories
The Selkie Press - founded by Tanya Shadrick

Birds of Firle
a single edition book being posted in sequence to one hundred collaborators across a decade, inviting responses on grief & hope as the things with feathers
as featured by Little Toller’s The Clearing

Wild Woman Swimming
a journal of west country waters
by Lynne Roper

edited by Tanya Shadrick

longlisted for the 2019 Wainwright Prize
Wild Woman Swimming by Lynne Roper (The Selkie Press)

“Absorbing…robust, declarative even, but there is also something disquieting in this memoir… for Shadrick, to be a woman, an artist and a mother still seems something not quite of this world: a fairy tale that puzzles her even though – or perhaps because – it came true.”

the TLS
Tanya Shadrick's The Wild Patience Scrolls: A Mile of Writing (credit Steve Creffield)
Tanya Shadrick’s The Wild Patience Scrolls: A Mile of Writing

“Tender…ferocious…This luminous debut charts how the author pledged to radically change her life after nearly dying following the birth of her first child”

Tanya Shadrick in residence at Jan Michalski Foundation Switzerland (Credit Wictoria Bosc)
Tanya Shadrick in residence at Jan Michalski Foundation Switzerland

The Cure for Sleep is a brilliant exploration of one woman’s driving need to punch through the constraints society puts upon her . . . This is a passionate hymn to the need to nurture the creative life inside of you”

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Tanya Shadrick in residence at Warnham Nature Reserve (Credit Paul Shergold)e-PaulShergold
Tanya Shadrick in residence at Warnham Nature Reserve

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