Tanya Shadrick in residence at Warnham Nature Reserve (Credit Paul Shergold)e-PaulShergold
All my art projects invite others to take part – as real-time collaborations or invitations to try out my creative practices for yourself….

Wild Patience Scrolls

a mile of writing composed pen on paper on 5 x 150ft scrolls, inviting onlookers to describe when they felt most wild and free

supported by Pells Pool, Lewes, and the Jan Michalski Foundation, Switzerland

as featured by Radio 4, Oh Comely and the Outdoor Swimming Society
Shadrick-MichalskiLibrary1Tanya Shadrick in residence at Jan Michalski Foundation, Switzerland

Jan Michalski Foundation, Switzerland (2017) - a Concentrate of Place by Tanya Shadrick
Concentrates of Place

a rest-of-life project begun by artist Tanya Shadrick after sudden near-death

as featured by National Geographic Education, Ernest Journal and The Simple Things

The Selkie Press

small publisher with a big commitment to stories of community & connection
founded by Tanya Shadrick
home to Wild Woman Swimming, Birds of Firle & Selkie Press Stories
The Selkie Press - founded by Tanya Shadrick

Bird of Firle - a decade-long collective project led by Tanya Shadrick of The Selkie Press
Birds of Firle
a single edition book being posted in sequence to one hundred collaborators across a decade, inviting responses on grief & hope as the things with feathers
as featured by Little Toller’s The Clearing

One Minutes
recordings of place and people begun a decade after sudden near-death
archived in soundcloud

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