National Writing Day 2017

“Writing is a source of pleasure and a source of power. No matter who we are, the ability to write with confidence helps us all flourish. Writing creatively is more than just learning a skill. It’s about being connected to your own voice, your own language and your own story.” National Writing Day

Finding Flow

For the inaugural National Writing Day on Wednesday 21 June 2017, I shared my library of books on writing and creative practice, and encouraged pool-goers to find their flow through writing by hand.

Dozens of visitors accepted my invitation to write a letter to their future selves, which I will post back to them at some uncertain date. Most began by saying they only had a few minutes for a short note…before sitting beside me to write in deep thought and emotion for thirty minutes or more. Flow refound.

National Writing Day

Words for Water

Students from nearby Pells Primary were challenged to describe water in as many words and ways as they could find on paper streamers. Their beautiful work decorated the tree I write under each day.

Words for Water at Pells Pool