National Writing Day 2017

National Writing Day

“Writing is a source of pleasure and a source of power. No matter who we are, the ability to write with confidence helps us all flourish. Writing creatively is more than just learning a skill. It’s about being connected to your own voice, your own language and your own story.” National Writing Day

For the inaugural National Writing Day on Wednesday 21 June 2017, I will be sharing ideas on ways to build a creative life and inviting pool-goers to find their flow through writing by hand.

Find Your Flow, 10am to 2pm

Pool-goers of any age who have already gained entry by day or season ticket can drop in on me during this time as I continue with my Wild Patience mile of writing on pool-length scrolls.

I will stop work and we can talk about ways in which you can build writing into your everyday life – or, for adults, discuss ways to deepen an existing practice. You are also welcome to sit and read the books on creativity I will have around me.

Before you leave, I might hand you pen and paper, asking that you write me a letter. Lost for words? Then just tell me the story of your name: What does it mean? Who chose it? What does it sound like? What do you feel when people call you it? Or you can answer my Wild Patience question: When did you feel most wild and free? Write for one minute (or five, or ten) without stopping…

All ages. Weather dependent. If the pool is full and you are unable to gain entry, you are welcome to email me on to ask for other times when I will be at the pool and able to meet and talk with you about this.

Words for Water

Students from nearby Pells Primary were challenged to describe water in as many words and ways as they could find on paper streamers. I will use their work to decorate the tree I write under each day.

Words for Water at Pells Pool