Re-wilding the Wordhoard (2020)

Devonshire dialect words carved onto
erratic stones at Bucks Mills

a work by JO SWEETING with
and visiting poets, writers and printmakers

The Cabin, The Slipway, Bucks Mills, North Devon, EX39 5DY
Collecting dialect words at The Cabin from 30 March to 9 April
Open Days Sat 4 & Sun 5 April 2020 (11am to 5pm)
Artists in residence from 30 March to 26 April

RE-WILDING THE WORDHOARD will collect Devonshire dialect words from both residents of and visitors to Bucks Mills, near Hartland, and celebrate them in carved erratic boulders, woodcuts and writing. You can already submit words using the contact form below.

The artists will be working on the beach and in residence at the Grade II-listed National Trust Artists’ Cabin (with a fascinating history) which overlooks it.

Further resources

The first stage of Re-Wilding the Wordhoard – the Foundle project – is happening on the Sussex Downs using words from its local dialect, with support from the Chalk Cliff Trust and the Ditchling Museum for Art + Craft:

Foundle on Little Toller’s The Clearing: Three Views of a Chalkstone by Tanya Shadrick, Jo Sweeting and Louisa Thomsen Brits.

Foundle on Instagram: Those who encounter it are invited to share their responses @foundle.project

Foundle on Growing Wild FM: Sweeting, Shadrick and Thomsen Brits were recorded on Firle Beacon discussing the work by broadcaster Charlotte Petts for Growing Wild FM.

About the artists

JO SWEETING is one of the country’s leading letter-carving sculptors. Using a mallet and chisel in the traditional v-incised form as used by Eric Gill, her work uses words, a figure or plant as a starting point and focuses on growth and change. She celebrates a moment in time. Starting points can be poetry, an overheard conversation or the landscape. Bucks Mills has been the site of Sweeting’s family holidays for the last two decades, and she is well-known in the village.

TANYA SHADRICK is a sought-after artist in residence who encourages connection and creativity in those who encounter her. She spent her first twenty years near Bude, just down the coast from Bucks Mills, and had a solo residency at the Artists’ Cabin in Summer 2018. She has worked with the public in many extraordinary locations, including the country’s oldest lido and Virginia Woolf’s garden on the Sussex Downs. Founder of The Selkie Press, she is editor and publisher of Wild Woman Swimming by Lynne Roper, a journal of west country waters longlisted for the 2019 Wainwright Prize.

LOUISA THOMSEN BRITS is an author, walker, outdoor swimmer and mother of four whose work has been translated into sixteen languages. She is interested in deep ecology, embodiment and interconnection. Central to her work are the rhythms and patterns that unite and define all living things. Her most recent book Path (Do Book Co) – set on the Sussex Downs where the first stage of the Re-wilding the Wordhoard project took place – is about reciprocity between humans and landscape. Louisa is drawn to the paths we tread, the marks we make and art and craft that spring from our connection with the wider-than-human world.