Wild Patience Diaries: The Romance of Maintenance

A decade after the cluster-bomb of events that shattered my early thirties, I think now that what saves us – once medics have healed our bodies, and friends or social care systems have supported us through a sudden loss – is neither what we own nor even whom we love. I think our essential survivalContinue reading “Wild Patience Diaries: The Romance of Maintenance”

Wild Patience Diaries: Lists of What We Love

On his lifelong practice of list-making, prolific author Ray Bradbury said: Why did I put this word down? What does it mean to me? Why did I put this noun down and not some other word? Do this and you’re on your way to being a good writer…I tell people Make a list of tenContinue reading “Wild Patience Diaries: Lists of What We Love”

Wild Patience Diaries: Creative Practice Prompts…

  “A wild patience has taken me this far…” Adrienne Rich At the start of my late and strange life as an artist, I spent two summers beside England’s oldest lido determined to write a mile on scrolls of paper as long as the pool. In the aftermath of my sudden near-death a decade earlier – whenContinue reading “Wild Patience Diaries: Creative Practice Prompts…”

Wild Patience Diaries: Exercises for a Nature Writer

The urge to observe and write about the outdoors has come up through every setting & circumstance of my life. Even when chronic pain and the care of small children have kept me house- and town-bound, I have still made notes on birds, weeds and wildflowers. And yet my finest times are when I can –Continue reading “Wild Patience Diaries: Exercises for a Nature Writer”