“Inspirational, engaging, reaching out to a broad community. The scrolls are a thing of beauty.”

Writer-in-Residence, Jan Michalski Foundation for Writing & Literature, Switzerland (Sept 2017)

I am privileged to be one of the inaugural-year recipients of a residency at this leading European foundation for writing and literature, staying in one of 7 new architect-designed ‘treehouses’.

The Foundation describes its mission as being “to foster literary creation and encourage the practice of reading through a range of initiatives and activities. These include mounting exhibitions and cultural events that have a connection with writing and literature, making a large multilingual library available to the public, awarding an annual prize in world literature, granting financial support, and…hosting a writer-in-residence program.”

The residency has been awarded so that I can devote my time to completing the Wild Patience Scrolls.

Swell: A Waterbiography by Jenny Landreth (Bloomsbury, 2017)

Part social history, part memoir, Swell uncovers a world of secret swimming…A joyful hymn to the sport and an exploration of why swimming attracts so many women. 

Swell by Jenny Landreth

“Tanya writes eloquently about that ‘young self’, a nine-year-old enjoying the freedoms of a long country summer…and how ‘the coast and its cold water was the site from which her glorious sense of self-sovereignty sprang’…In Tanya’s words one can feel the sense of personal ownership and self-sufficiency that resided, unexamined, in her young body.. Nobody rules you, nothing has ruined you, you are gleefully, determinedly, yourself.”

Oh Comely, Issue 32 (Aug 2016)

In this 6-page feature (Laps of Longhand) I was asked to write on the deep oriental influences at work in my mile of longhand (with images by project photographer Steve Creffield).

Oh Comely is a British bi-monthly with highstreet distribution which describes itself as a ‘curious, honest and playful independent magazine. It’s a place to meet strangers, hear their stories and look at life differently.’

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