The Centre Cannot Hold

The Centre Cannot Hold (REFRAME, University of Sussex, 2015): I contributed a photo-essay to this ‘Mappening’ organised by Adam Whitehall from the University of Sussex – a timed drift, in the psychogeographic manner, around Lewes on a morning in April 2015. Participants set off from a single start point and moved alone through town, making note of sights, sounds and sensations along the way. A highly-enjoyable experience if you get the chance to join one in future.


12:40 School Hill: Where the Old Go 4 – House of Friendship

Inside a man of great age is piecing together a jigsaw with painstaking care. His hand hovers, shakes.

The jigsaw reveals a red car, low to the ground, top open, racing through the sort of butterfly- & flower-rich hedgerows that have been lost in his lifetime and mine.

Lewes Map
The Centre Cannot Hold