“Vibrant and passionate, Tanya’s teaching feels like an incredibly constructive discussion, engaging not only the learner’s mind but also her body and whole way of being in the world. The weeks spent in her company have had a profound, long-lasting impact on my practice.”

Former student and mentee

Mentoring Opportunities

In 2021 and 2022, Tanya is advertising each of her occasional mentoring windows on Twitter and Instagram, and can only accept people who then request a slot by direct message. She allocates on a first-come first-serve basis while places are remaining (typically 14 in a fortnight’s window) – or recommends another mentoring route, if she feels the enquirer needs a kind of support she is not able to offer.

To be sure of seeing Tanya’s mentoring availability open up, follow her on Twitter or Instagram. She cannot accept requests by email and there is not a waitlist for future slots.

The mentoring sessions are free one-off one-hour phone conversations* with those who feel blocked creatively – either in their private diary/note-making, or in their attempts to produce work for possible publication. They are not designed for aspiring or established writers who want editorial support or introductions to agents/publishers: the focus is on fostering creative confidence – how to begin and keep going – in whatever form interests the mentee.

At the end of a mentoring period, Tanya sends each person a list of useful resources tailored to their particular concerns, as well as a general resource sheet of further reading/viewing for those wanting to grow a robust creative life – whether for private wellbeing or publication.

* (For those for whom phone discussions are not accessible, she can offer instead a typed exchange of questions and answers at an agreed time).

“For someone like me, who wants to write purely out of a need for expression and self-realisation, that was utterly brilliant – kind, supportive, and gave me loads to think about.”


About Tanya

First published after forty, Tanya is passionate about encouraging creative confidence and possibility in others.

The first in her extended rural working-class family to ‘go away’ for a higher education, Tanya’s first career was in student recruitment – giving talks and designing outreach initiatives to encourage first-generation scholars to her university.

Following a sudden near-death experience after the birth of her first child, she left her career in HE and committed to finding ways to share her belief in the transformative power of story-telling and reading: first as a scribe at her local hospice, and since then as a sought-after artist-in-residence who writes in public spaces. She became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts in 2018, three years after her first publications.

She is also the editor and publisher of the 2019 Wainwright-listed Wild Woman Swimming by Lynne Roper.

Tanya Shadrick at Pells Pool Residency
Tanya Shadrick at Pells Pool Residency
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