“Inspirational, engaging, reaching out to a broad community.”

PechaKucha: Wild Writer (August 2018)

PechaKucha Wild Writer

BBC Radio 4: Pursuit of Beauty – Slow Art (June 2018)

The Wild Patience Scrolls are included in this Radio 4 feature on durational art, alongside the Ash Dome of David Nash and James Turrell’s Roden Crater.

Pursuit of Beauty: Slow Art

Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (March 2018)

Privilege to have been accepted as a Fellow of the RSA with its mission to ‘enrich society through ideas and action’ and belief in the power to create.

The Guardian (December 2017)

Winter Walks

Wrote about a favourite walk around Firle, East Sussex for The Guardian’s end of year Winter Walks feature.

Radio 4 Extra (November 2017)

People Talking Radio 4 Extra

Co-presenter of this 3-hour archive special looking at the history of ordinary people talking on British radio:

Fi Glover trawls the archives for intimate stories of the everyday, tracing how curated wartime spirit developed into today’s unmediated snapshots of life, with the help of writer and lido supporter, Tanya Shadrick.

From Olive Shapley’s Mass Observation-inspired recordings in the 1930s and 40s, via Radio Ballads and Down Your Way, they arrive at the verbatim examples of 20th Century Vox and The Listening Project, charting the development from patronised ‘ordinary folk’ to the autonomy of contemporary voices.

Writer-in-Residence, Jan Michalski Foundation for Writing & Literature, Switzerland (Sept 2017)

I was privileged to be one of the inaugural-year recipients of a residency at this leading European foundation for writing and literature, staying in one of 7 new architect-designed ‘treehouses’.

The Foundation describes its mission as being “to foster literary creation and encourage the practice of reading through a range of initiatives and activities. These include mounting exhibitions and cultural events that have a connection with writing and literature, making a large multilingual library available to the public, awarding an annual prize in world literature, granting financial support, and…hosting a writer-in-residence program.”

The residency was awarded so I could devote my time to completing the Wild Patience Scrolls and locate the work in a European context.

BBC1 South East Today (August 2017)

The Unexpected Fisher/#LetsFish, Film for Canal and River Trust/Smoke Creatives (July 2017)

A joy to write the narration and have my first fishing lesson recorded for this short film by the Canal and River Trust to support their new Let’s Fish initiative. The piece pays tribute to the men & women in all our communities who give their time freely to help others learn this skill and tells too the story of my own relationship to fishing.


I’ve wanted to fish all my life. My father was a skilled angler — fished in the Devon and Cornish seas where I grew up, tied his own flies. One of my earliest memories is of watching him casting from a riverbank & my feeling completely still & happy in my skin. But he left just after my second birthday and chose never to spend any time with me after that. He left behind a knitted fishing cap on an out of reach peg in the porch, and I think it — or fishing — became a symbol of this bigger thing I’d lost. I got a bit stuck about fishing too — it was a thing I wanted in my life, but I didn’t want to go on a course or teach myself. Sounds a bit folorn I know but I wanted to be taught the way a child learns from a family member! So I just collected things to do with it instead – hence all the books and fishing flies on my writing desk.

Swell: A Waterbiography by Jenny Landreth (Bloomsbury, 2017)

Part social history, part memoir, Swell uncovers a world of secret swimming…A joyful hymn to the sport and an exploration of why swimming attracts so many women. 

The author of this rich new social history of swimming spent a day with me at Pells Pool in the 2016 season. I am honoured to be included in the book:

Swell by Jenny Landreth

“Tanya writes eloquently about that ‘young self’, a nine-year-old enjoying the freedoms of a long country summer…and how ‘the coast and its cold water was the site from which her glorious sense of self-sovereignty sprang’…In Tanya’s words one can feel the sense of personal ownership and self-sufficiency that resided, unexamined, in her young body.. Nobody rules you, nothing has ruined you, you are gleefully, determinedly, yourself.”

Oh Comely, Issue 32 (Aug 2016)

In this 6-page feature (Laps of Longhand) I was asked to write on the deep oriental influences at work in my mile of longhand (with images by project photographer Steve Creffield).

Oh Comely is a British bi-monthly with highstreet distribution which describes itself as a ‘curious, honest and playful independent magazine. It’s a place to meet strangers, hear their stories and look at life differently.’

BBC Local Radio: Feelgood Friday – broadcast to 40 stations (Aug 2016)

BBC Georgey Tweet

BBC1 South East Today (July 2016)

ETC Magazine (July 2016)

ETC Magazine

Radio 4 Today (July 2016)

Radio 4 Today

Outdoor Swimming Society (June 2016)

Outdoor Swimming Society