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For Wealden Literary Festival

Tanya Shadrick, writer-in-residence for the 2019 Wealden Literary Festival, recommends essential texts and other tips for aspiring writers.

For Life. Death. Whatever.

Tanya Shadrick, former hospice scribe, talks about the legacy of her sudden near-death for the Five Things I’ve Learned… series.

For BBC Radio 4

Tanya is interviewed alongside her mentor sculptor David Nash, discussing his Ash Dome at 40 and her two-year Wild Patience mile of writing, in a programme which also features durational sculpture and music. Producer Sara-Jane Hall.

For Linen Beauty

Tanya is someone whose life and work embody the values of simplicity and slow living. She is both a writer and an artist, finding ways to connect with people in new and meaningful ways through words and her physical presence. Read to hear about how a vandalised tree changed Tanya’s life and career, the lessons she learnt from her frugal, resourceful grandmother, and for her incredibly inspiring outlook on how we can live more connectedly and happily.

For Outdoor Swimmer Magazine

Interviewed by Ella Chloe Foote for her ongoing series of ‘swimterviews’, which has included Alexandra Heminsley (author of Leap In) and Gillian Best.