My practice is driven by a belief in the power of #QuietInvitation and #WildService: I share in public what is usually (for most writers and artists) a very private process so as to encourage conversations about creativity, effort and connection. It is heartening to be gifted in return comments such as these:

“Profound. Liberating. Empowering…Tanya’s teaching feels like an incredibly constructive discussion, engaging not only the learner’s mind but also body and whole way of being in the world. The weeks spent in her company have had a profound, long-lasting impact on my practice. I left each of her classes feeling galvanized and determined to push doors and reach my objectives.”

“Beautiful and moving, funny and irreverent – @LidoWriters reads from Lynne Roper’s journal Wild Woman Swimming @GreenTableCafe @Dartington”

“Felt so inspired after your reading from the #WildPatience scrolls – the relational self and the idea of the self with fluid boundaries…It has fuelled a week of thinking and making work.”

“The #WildPatience scrolls are a thing of beauty.”

“Moved by Tanya’s readings from #WildPatience scrolls and by them as physical objects, in/of time/place. Quietly inspirational.”

 “It was the simplicity of your presentation that profoundly affected me.”

“I found the meeting with you deeply interesting. It’s a very rare thing to meet an artist working outside in public. You made me question myself, my view of reality and my lack of art in my life. Your work should be applauded and supported, as we need to question ourselves more and the reality around us. Keep writing forever.”

“Although I don’t know Tanya on a personal level, I feel she has made a big impact on my life through her residency at Pells.”

“I saw all the beautiful books you’d lent to the pool for people to read so that they could share in the beauty you love. The books get stolen but you still offer them…This, and your liveliness, restored something in me, some wavering faith in the goodness of things… perhaps it’s the magnificence of people who do things with love, for beauty and for others. I will look out for you again, quietly infusing the poolside with hope and creative passion.”

“Something so peaceful about Tanya Shadrick’s writing @BrightonMuseums

“It was quite a while ago that I met you. We talked about wild patience and crazy wisdom and you gave me a book of Rumi poems…It felt like a very beautiful, tender moment of connection to me, when you shared with me what it was you were doing. It touched me very deeply that you were moved to give me the book. It opened something in me about the need for intimacy and creativity and flow.”

“I feel blessed to know you and your writing even more now you have shared your writerly beginnings with some of us. The Watermarks book launch reminded me of where my own written, far too sporadic, words have come from over the years – always my place of deepest emotions.”