The Cure for Sleep Conversations: March Issue

WHERE DOES IT BEGIN, the turn away from risk and adventure that so many of us make? That has us cleave to ease, routine, disguise, conformity? If the events which wake us are often shocking and singular, what leads to a sleep of soul and possibility is harder to trace. We have to go backContinue reading “The Cure for Sleep Conversations: March Issue”

The Cure for Sleep Conversations

People are going back and forth acrossthe doorsill where the two worlds touch.The door is round and openDon’t go back to sleep! Rumi My forthcoming book The Cure for Sleep (Weidenfeld & Nicolson) is full of threshold events, mine and others’: Those times when we are brought to a sudden need to choose, or we experience something which changesContinue reading “The Cure for Sleep Conversations”

Wild Patience Diaries: Wrestling Trees (After Whitman, Following Illness)

Dear soothing, healthy, restoration-hours––after three confining years of paralysis––after the long strain of the war, and its wounds, and death. Specimen Days, Walt Whitman After each hard and slow return to the world I’ve had to make after serious illness, I turn always on my first days back up (as again now, after ten daysContinue reading “Wild Patience Diaries: Wrestling Trees (After Whitman, Following Illness)”