An Invitation to Write…

…up to 300 words on bedtime stories, memory games, bonding, choosing or promises (with more monthly themes coming up, and all staying open for contribution until January 2022). My forthcoming book The Cure for Sleep (Weidenfeld & Nicolson: 20 Jan 2022) is full of short true tales of strange experience: mine and others’. All its themes relateContinue reading “An Invitation to Write…”

Wild Patience Diaries: Wrestling Trees (After Whitman, Following Illness)

Dear soothing, healthy, restoration-hours––after three confining years of paralysis––after the long strain of the war, and its wounds, and death. Specimen Days, Walt Whitman After each hard and slow return to the world I’ve had to make after serious illness, I turn always on my first days back up (as again now, after ten daysContinue reading “Wild Patience Diaries: Wrestling Trees (After Whitman, Following Illness)”

Wild Patience Diaries: Wise Guides to Slow Time

I call it The Slow Time of Accidents: what happens when – through loss, illness or emergency – our sense of time stretches and slows, both immediately and in the long-term. Cut off or cast adrift from the routines that make our days tick past, we arrive unprepared by the tempo of modern life intoContinue reading “Wild Patience Diaries: Wise Guides to Slow Time”

Wild Patience Diaries: Beginner’s Mind

Creative writing teacher Natalie Goldberg calls it ‘The Dead Year’: the time when – at whatever age – a person decides that they want to be a writer so bad that they are prepared to begin. To draw up some sort of regular schedule and attempt it. To a friend who embarked on what sheContinue reading “Wild Patience Diaries: Beginner’s Mind”

Wild Patience Diaries

“A wild patience has taken me this far…” Adrienne Rich At the start of my late and strange life as an artist, I spent two summers beside England’s oldest lido determined to write a mile on scrolls of paper as long as the pool. In the aftermath of my sudden near-death a decade earlier – when IContinue reading “Wild Patience Diaries”