An Invitation to Write…

The Cure For Sleep Stories

…up to 300 words on bedtime stories, memory games, bonding, choosing or promises (with more monthly themes coming up, and all staying open for contribution until January 2022).

My forthcoming book The Cure for Sleep (Weidenfeld & Nicolson: 20 Jan 2022) is full of short true tales of strange experience: mine and others’. All its themes relate in some way to threshold moments: those times when we are brought to a sudden need to choose, or promise, or change our perspective of life and how to live it…

“A sublimely written account of refusing to be defined by social constructs and embracing life-enhancing change, The Cure for Sleep is a poignant and inspiring slice of literary memoir”


“A daring and enchantingly written blend of memoir and self-help, which urges us to consider, at any age, breaking the spell of our inherited longings for love, approval, safety and rescue, and doing what we are actually called to do with our one wild and precious life”

The Bookseller, an Editor’s Choice

I’ve written the book to extend the rich conversations I’ve had with so many people over the last five years of my late-starting writing life – and so it’s my hope that you will be interested to write a short true tale of your own on any of the monthly themes over on my free Substack newsletter service. I want my own path to publication to provide a space for others’ words to flourish in turn.

I’d be thrilled to have you with me in the lead up to next year’s book launch. Here’s how to join in with your own stories:

Step 1: Subscribe

Step 2: You will then receive the first page of The Cure For Sleep as a welcome, and monthly emails with further, themed advance extracts.

Step 3: If any of the existing or forthcoming themes inspire you to share a short true tale of your own on that topic, simply add your story to the comments section of that month’s substack post (max 300 words).

All themes are staying open until January 2022, and you can respond to as many as you like.

Step 4: I will then move your words to the story archive and send you a personalised link to your contribution. (You can explore the tales that have already been received by going to Stories Beyond The Book.) I am providing a safe storytelling space for new and emerging voices, so will only curate tales that respect that foundational spirit.

If you have already become a subscriber on Substack…thank you! And please do share word of this opportunity with any friends you feel would enjoy this chance to see their stories appear in a safe and supportive writing space.

Very best, Tanya

And for me, fatherless, who circled so long his absence, waiting for a man who might replace him? How can I better use my years remaining? I want, I think, to become a landmark, myself, so that anyone reading this in my lifetime might travel here to find me aproned and headscarved, going along the chalk paths, over ridges, to the river. I want people to call my name and start a conversation. This will do for my work, and my purpose, however else I may have to earn my money. 

The Cure For Sleep

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Writer The Cure For Sleep (Weidenfeld & Nicolson | Creator Wild Patience Mile of Writing | Publisher Wainwright-listed Wild Woman Swimming | Agent Robert Caskie | FRSA

2 thoughts on “An Invitation to Write…

  1. This is such an incredibly generous way of sharing your book, Tanya, and a wonderful idea for building community. The only reason I’m not joining in is that I’m completely focused on completing a first draft of my own memoir and find it impossible to give space to any other writing. But I just wanted to say how lovely it is that you are doing this.

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    1. Joanna! What a lovely message to receive. Thank you. And how exciting to know you are working on a memoir too. I’ve been so deeply glad that my deal happened just before pandemic/lockdowns, as it means I had the daily writing of first draft, second, third, line edits and now last copy edits to give shape to my life since last Feb. I needed it to stop too of course…and yet within days of finishing fully, I already feel the absence of the writing on it in my days! But I truly don’t have a plan to write another one…so I just hope an idea does come my way as I’ve enjoyed this writing on a long thing so very much. I would love to know a little more about yours if you have time to say… very best, Tanya


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