Wild Patience Diaries: Wise Guides to Slow Time (Spoken Word Version)

“I became a student of older traditions, where time had another measure. My only essential tools were now pens, paper, a park bench. Poetry. I travelled through time and space; landing in the east of five hundred years ago, a thousand. Kenko’s Essays in Idleness, Chōmei’s An Account of My Hut, Bashō’s Records of a Travel-Worn Satchel, Po Chü-i and others collected in Arthur Waley’s Chinese Poems — all a world away from fast, mass-produced culture. I began to write outside and attract lost souls, as they did.” Wild Patience Diaries: Wise Guides to Slow Time

Alongside regular written extracts from my Wild Patience Diaries, I am now building up a small spoken word archive on Youtube: It always feels a gift when friends read to me from their published writing or work-in-progress, and I wanted to experiment in this quiet season with putting some of my own work into audio for those of you who, like me, need to rest your eyes more often in this ennervated season.

Wise Guides: Basho, Kenko & Chinese Poets

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The Wild Patience Diaries are creative practice posts that draw on learnings from my late and strange writing journey of the last five years – shared for free in the hope of keeping others company in theirs. I would be so glad if you subscribe or share this resource with others you know who are at an early (or otherwise tender) stage in their artistic awakening. Followers receive each new post as an email.

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